24/05/2020 · Method #1: Clear Kodi Data. We will now learn how to clear data on Kodi. This method is simpler and almost effortless as it eliminates the need to uninstall Kodi, which is an additional step. Clearing data will keep Kodi on your FireStick but remove all your add-ons and their settings, customizations, Kodi settings and everything else. So, if

Many users also need to reset Kodi to uninstall a Build and restore Kodi to it’s original state. Keep in mind that when you reset/restore Kodi on Windows, you will delete everything that you have installed within the application. This includes builds, skins, add-ons, and more. TROYPOINT suggests writing down anything you would like to re-install after your Kodi reset. Follow the steps below This is the easiest way to wipe, fix and return to default skin and settings on KODI / XBMC. Also, you can remove any Build before installing a new one. Indeed, this is the best way to clear and delete everything in KODI/XBMC before installing a Build. This method works in … However, as they build up, they tend to eat up space and slow everything down anyways. The Rock Cleaner Kodi addon is a quick and simple solution to this problem. Rock Cleaner Kodi Latest Version. The latest version of Rock Cleaner is v1.0.5 from November 24th. Check out the updated list of features in the addon below. After you install the Rock Cleaner addon, you’ll see the following 4 Although there are multiple ways to clear Kodi cache, I have found this to be the easiest and best way. This method involves installing the Supreme Builds Wizard within Kodi. The Supreme Builds Wizard has many maintenance options and more to keep Kodi running smoothly. Use the following guide to learn how to Clear Kodi Cache.

It is a Kodi Build introduced by One Alliance Reborn Repository which uses the Aeon Nox Skin at a download size of 151 MB. It has five Build versions to select from including Skyline, Family version, Swift, Lite, and Arctic Mini. The Lite version is the best Build with sections for TV shows, Movies, 1A Wizard, Live TV, Sport, Kids, Apps, Pick n Mix, Catchup, Music, Favorites, and System. If


Kodi builds. Kodi builds are just a modified version of kodi with a predefined set of addons, repository, skins, and some shortcuts. Kodi build is being developed to provide an ultimate kodi experience to the users. Hundreds of addons are released every year. In that, most of the addons are not working properly over the time. Only a few addons can maintain their pace and provides quality

Hello everyone today we are going to show you the steps to download and install the Nefarious Kodi Build along with the screenshots. It is a Kodi Build introduced by One Alliance Reborn Repository which uses the Aeon Nox Skin at a download size of 151 MB.